The Details

Aircraft / Shipyard Hangar Doors are designed for tough environment with extremely large openings. Aircraft and Shipyard hangar door are available in two form fabric hoist-up door and Sliding door. Both offer remarkable advantages for versatility and are suitable for aircrafts and ship’s in different sizes. Optimum reliability and operational safety are important design principles while designing and installing hangar doors.

We work closely with contractors, architects, and owners and manufacture a system that meets your exact desires or can retro-fit to meet the requirements of an existing structure. Sliding Aircraft Hangar Doors are recommended where no headroom is available and side clearances permitted, whereas fabric hoist Up doors obviates the need for heavy foundation under the door for bottom tracks. The hangar door system is built to undergo enormous wind loads and resist strong weather conditions. A stable operating movement is maintained due to the quality of the work assemblies.

DE Sliding Aircraft Hangar Doors are recommended where no headroom is available and side clearances permitted. This type of door can either be bi-parting or uni-directional with each door section bottom rolling and top guided. Bottom rolling hangar doors are an excellent application for any pre-engineered or custom designed facility. They are ‘bottom rolling’, which means that their weight is carried by a bottom rail and not by the building structure above. These doors are designed to withstand wind load criteria and protect the indoors from all types of weather due to the advanced weather sealing system. The weather sealing system also maximizes energy efficiency. Tail Doors and integrated pedestrian doors, without threshold can be incorporated on the doors.

Key Features:

  • Robust steel construction bottom rolling, sliding door
  • State-of-the-art drive systems with user-friendly controls
  • Multiple safety devices available
  • Heights ranging from 6 meters to 40 meters and unlimited width
  • Unlimited choice of cladding, glazing, colors and configurations
  • Full weather-sealing
  • Choice of glazing available
  • Wicket doors provide personnel access


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